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Our wide range of cybersecurity solutions, including our Learn From a Hacker™ educational series, are designed to prevent hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, cyber manipulation, and more from compromising your confidential information. Whether it is learning how to set up your computer profiles, identifying dangerous apps, compliance testing, vulnerability scanning, or penetration testing, we have the tools to protect and defend your business against online threats and cyber-attacks.

Choosing the right firewalls, antivirus protection, malware defenses, and other IT solutions for your company is critical. With more than a decade of experience in information security and management consulting, Learn From a Hacker has worked with governments and non-profit organizations to multinational corporations in the area of information security and assurance. We have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to guide you on how to design, establish, optimize, and maintain your cybersecurity software and processes.

    Compliance Testing

    Does your IT infrastructure comply with state and federal laws? Does it meet industry standards? We can help you verify your company is compliant in all areas.

    Penetration Testing

    We will identify vulnerabilities in your network or computer system to expose weaknesses that hackers can exploit to infiltrate your system. We will then work with you to remediate and reduce risk.

    Cybersecurity Training

    Our security awareness programs teach you and your staff techniques to defend against cyberattacks to protect your company’s information assets from cybercriminals.

    Vulnerability Risk Assessment

    We work with the IT professionals in your company to ensure they have the tools and best practices to detect, prevent, and quarantine cyber threats.

    Systems Audit

    A review and evaluation of your information systems and operations to determine if your infrastructure can prevent a breach and maintain the integrity of your company’s data.

    Social Engineering

    Hackers will manipulate you into taking certain actions online. Once an action is performed, the hacker can infiltrate your software and data. Learn how you can circumvent being exposed.