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A breach of your cybersecurity can be costly and have life-damaging effects. The good news is we can help you spot a hacking attempt before you are hacked. Our Learn From a Hacker™ educational series gives you the tools on how to guard your interests and protect yourself online. Our hands-on, customizable, interactive classes teach users at all levels how to become defenders against cyberthreats and cybercriminals. From corporations to nonprofit organizations, our program gives you the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to protect yourself in a digital world.

Learn from a Hacker™ is a customizable, comprehensive, and hands-on online security awareness educational series that educates your users to create a culture of defense against cybercriminals. It is our mission that everyone in your organization will learn to play a critical role in defending your company’s integrity online. Topics include:

  • ✔ How to avoid being a target

    ✔ Learn the different types of online security threats

    ✔ How to spot computer viruses

    ✔ How to prevent malware and viruses

    ✔ How to know if you’ve been hacked

    ✔ How to spot and avoid spam and phishing

    ✔ How to avoid and identify dangerous spyware and adware

    ✔ Learn online security safeguards

    ✔ Online shopping and credit card safety and security

    ✔ Social networking safety and security

    ✔ Network and wi-fi security

    ✔ How to arm your workforce with cybersecurity best practices

    ✔ How to spot dangerous phishing attempts

    ✔ The best way to secure your accounts

    ✔ Best password practices (creation, maintenance, and management)

    ✔ How to protect vital information online

    ✔ How to protect your business finances online



The courses here works for all skill levels. Whether you are totally new or an expert, these courses will teach you steps that are easy to consume and apply.


The courses are designed to get you results if you follow them to the core and take action. Unlike other courses that just feeds you information without a strategy.


We give you a 30 Days Money Back guarantee on our packages. If you don't benefit from the courses we will refund you, no questions asked.

Trusted By 1000+ Students

"Awesome class. Highly recommended… you’ll learn a lot."

C.J. Sampson, Project Management ProfessionaL

"I’m guilty of all of the negatives of what you don’t do [in regards to] passwords… I definitely recommend this class to everyone because it was very informative."

F. Smith, Non-Profit Finance Specialist

"…I thought I knew a lot, but he taught me tips to protect myself."